Continued Facts vs. Fiction on Richway BioMats

This is the final post in our series on continued facts vs. fiction on Richway BioMats.

CLAIMS from the Internet


You have to pay extra for a cover for your BioMat.

Bio-mats come with a cotton cover that is to be placed over it to protect it and allow the heat to be evenly dispersed. Each cotton pad includes the Hideo diagram (an energetic pattern which incorporates sacred geometry to intersperse the heat evenly).

If you wish to purchase a replacement cotton cover, they are available for $100 + $60 (shipping) that fit pro-size BioMats and $60 + $20 for Minis. We have massage therapists who purchase several cotton covers to they can replace them between clients. The cotton cover is machine washable.

Hi-Pora waterproof pads may be purchased separately for $100 + $60 (shipping) that fit pro-size BioMats and $60 + $20 for Minis. These special waterproof pads repel water while remaining permeable enough for the three elements of far infrared heat, amethyst crystals and negative ions to easily pass through the pad.

In addition, each Mini and professional-size BioMat comes with a hard-sided carrying case for convenient mobility. Single, queen and king-sized BioMats come with a duffel-like bag.

All infrared, gemstone heating mats are the same.

Not all infrared, gemstone mats are created equal! The BioMat has been evolving since 1997.

It contains unique layers to provide additional health benefits to the user:

  • The BioMat contains a peach and grape seed layer.
  • It provides organic energy, natural far infrared, and a class-leading amount of negative ions.
  • The TOCA layer is an internal tourmaline gemstone layer with the BioMat.
  • The BioMat’s surface layer is 100% cotton fabric (not including the urethane window which shows the gemstones).
  • The state-of-the-art controller safely programs the BioMat.

Competitive products cannot say this. These innovative technologies set the BioMat apart from all other imitations and/or knock-offs of the authentic BioMat.

We hope this blog post and the previous three posts have given you additional information and insights why it is important to purchase an authentic BioMat, not an imitation or knock-off. There is only one BioMat and we are proud to rep it at 1-844-4BIOMAT (1-844-424-6628)!!

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