Following up with BioMat customers

We highly recommend following up with BioMat customers! This is one area in business (and specifically sales) that often gets avoided and/or overlooked. We gently remind our distributors to be the best in the business … follow up!

A process that we have found helpful (and if you are ordering from us, know this is what you can expect):

  1. E-mail the order receipt to the customer once the order has been placed. This has the all-important Richway International (RI) number that the customer needs to keep for all future product references (questions, shipping, repairs, replacement/trade-up, etc.).
  2. Once shipping notification is received, e-mail the customer with beginning usage instructions and more information about the BioMat.
  3. Two to three days after receiving the BioMat, e-mail or call the customer making sure beginning operation and usage is going smoothly.
  4. Approximately two weeks later, call or e-mail to find out how they are using the BioMat, enjoying it and/or if they have any questions.
  5. Then, six to eight weeks later, call them to check in. Have they shared it with their family/friends? If so and there’s excitement, you may wish to discuss being a distributor or an affiliate. This is also a great time to suggest accessories to bio-mats – waterproof cover, Quantum Energy Pad, Amethyst/Tourmaline Pillow plus other Richway International products (Alkai-Life Water Ionizer, Rejuvena, etc.). Obviously, the product line is extensive and unique and it is easy to get overwhelmed. We suggest taking it slow to keep your customers out of overwhelm.

Our main goal is to give excellent customer care. These days, this is rare and you will be remembered for your outstanding customer service! You can see our approach is not about sales, but rather being a helpful informational resource, allowing the BioMat to sell itself and do all the work for you.

Finally, when you approach BioMat distributorship in this way, you come from JOY, not fear. Emotionally, this is a much better way to create a business and your customers will pick up on this. If all of this resonates with you, you will love being a part of our great team! Please connect with us to learn more.

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Feeling The Love

“Best purchase I ever made! I purchased the BioMat and use the mat at least 4-5 times per week. I have found doing only 30 minutes gives me great relief.”

Kathy K.

Feeling The Love

“Honestly, the BioMat has changed my husband and my whole life! Why did we wait so long to purchase the BioMat?!”

Kris U.

Feeling The Love

“I realized today how different my life is ... well, after sleeping on a bed of amethyst for the past three years, how can life not be different and better?!!”

Rosemary B.

Feeling The Love

“I have been thinking about the pro set (professional-size BioMat and pillow) for months and what keeps coming to me is I need this for my self-care. I’m ordering mine today!”

Gail K.

Feeling The Love

“I love the deep peace that the BioMat brings and it brings relief quickly. I consider it essential for my wellness and spiritual practices.”

Connie F.