Successful BioMat Open Houses

If you are a distributor, hosting successful BioMat open houses is fun and a great way to introduce people to this amazing product! We thought it would be helpful to get you a “laundry list” of ideas to increase the likelihood of a successful event. Before the event, consider the following:

  • Advertise using several mediums – Facebook, holistic newspapers, neighborhood flyers, on-line forums, e-mail personal invitations to friends and family, etc.
  • Let people know you will offer a free drawing at the event (you must be present to win).
  • Notify your friends you will give them a percentage discount if they personally bring five friends to the event.
  • Set your sales intentions and goals, and write them down. Meditate to “ground them in.”
  • Determine ahead of the open house what discount you will give to those who purchase at the event (for example: free shipping, half-price shipping, 5-10% off the purchase price, etc.)
  • Give neighboring businesses coupons and/or flyers promoting your open house.
  • Share your date and time with other holistic healers (so they can invite their clients to your open house). Also, share with your local holistic chamber of commerce, if available.

At the event, you may want to:

  • Provide healthy, organic snacks (these can be simple, but everyone loves to gather in community with food).
  • Provide 15-minute presentations throughout the event to “bring attendees up the learning curve.”
  • Provide live harp music (for relaxation).
  • Be sure to make it easy to purchase bio-mats at the event. In other words, either have order forms available or your back office “pulled up” on your computer and/or iPad.
  • Consider how many BioMat distributors to work the event with you so all potential customers who attend receive exquisite customer care.

These are just a few ideas … please let us know what has worked for you. It truly is about being creative, thinking big and hosting awesome open houses!

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