The BioMat and your immune system (with additional information on fevers)

This blog post addresses the BioMat and your immune system (with additional information on fevers).

In the graphic below, if your body temperature rises approximately 2° F, enzyme activities increase approximately 40% and the immune system will be enhanced. In contrast, if your body temperature drops by approximately 2° F, enzyme activities decrease by 50% and your immunity will be greatly decreased.

Based on laboratory test results, warming one’s body with warm water will only suffice for 15 minutes as the body’s warmth will start to neutralize. The same goes with any other heating devices where its warmth only lasts for 20 minutes. With the BioMat, the warmth lasts up to eight hours.

However, BioMat’s benefits don’t end there, apart from warming your body, it also helps your body be independent by producing warmth by itself. This is possible with the BioMat because it acts at a cellular level by producing a frequency that activates the mitochondria to keep on producing heat.

When the immune system is compromised, our bodies sometimes have a fever.

A fever is the body’s “signal” of working to rid micro-organisms from the body. This is where the BioMat assists. The body utilizes the BioMat’s technology in such a way you will likely feel the positive effects quickly. The far infrared heat penetrates the core of the body, increasing circulation and lymph flow as well as causing “die off” to unwanted micro-organisms. The negative ions calm the nervous system and alkalize the body. The amethyst’s frequency disrupts unhealthy cellular activity.

The BioMat creates homeostasis causing the body to regulate and balance its temperature. If the body becomes too warm due to fever, the body naturally attempts to eliminate “something” from the body. Bio-mats will only assist the body in efforts it is already attempting to do. Keeping hydration, as well as minerals and electrolytes in balance, should be a top priority while using the BioMat. Regulate the BioMat’s temperature increasing and decreasing it, as tolerated.

Build up to a high-heat session once daily starting at 140° for 40 minutes; you may wish to continue increasing up to 158° for 40-minute sessions. As the lymphatic system begins to open and drain, you may experience increased elimination of waste.

Sleep is vital for the body’s “clean-up efforts.” Suggested settings are 113° or 122°. The pillow is an important addition for brain protection and connecting to your dreams.

For additional information about the BioMat and your immune system and/or fevers, we are happy to connect with you at 1-844-4BIOMAT (1-844-424-6628).

This information is not intended to cure, diagnose or treat medical condi­tions, nor is it a substitute for the product User’s Guide. Please consult with a Physician before beginning this or any other new healthcare program. Any information with regard to personal testimonies about RichWay International’s products do not reflect or represent RichWay International’s product claims. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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