The Negative Ions in the BioMat

Negative ions are often misunderstood so we will focus a post on the negative ions in the BioMat. Keep in mind as you read this information that one of the BioMat’s three key elements is negative ions.

First of all, Ben Franklin in the 18th century coined the phrase “negative ion.”

  • When a normal orbiting electron is removed, it is called a “positive” ion; a negative ion has the extra electron added back in. Yes, it is exactly the opposite of what you would normally think!
  • Further, positive ions make us sluggish and lethargic and are not positive for us; negative ions do have a positive impact on us.

A couple positive effects/benefits of negative ions:

  • Revitalizing cells
    • Inter-cellular communication is boosted when negative ions increase into the blood.
    • As membranes of cells open, metabolism at a cellular level occurs.
    • Cellular nutrients and hydration increase.
    • Waste materials from cells are excreted more efficiently.
    • Therefore, optimal functioning of cells occurs.
  • Alkalizing and purifying blood
    • As negative ions increase into the body, the pH of the blood changes to be more alkaline and therefore, causes the entire body to be more alkaline. Since most of our bodies are very acidic, this alkalinity can be a positive, welcome change.
      • The normal or typical pH range of blood is from 7.35 to 7.45. Less than 7.35 is considered acidic; above 7.45 is alkaline. Optimal health equals proper blood pH levels.

So, how do positive and negative ions “play out” in the world today? Our lives are full of lots of positive ions. For example, cars (especially exhaust), computers, TVs, cell phones, air pollution and electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs) are all positive ions. This is not healthy and may result in a wide variety of health challenges that are detrimental. An overload of positive ions could present health issues such as an imbalanced autonomic nervous system, allergies, fatigue and sleep problems such as insomnia, kidney problems, anemia, headaches, back and shoulder pain, etc.

With the BioMat emitting negative ions (with or without heat), it is certainly the antithesis of our positive ion environments. The Richway BioMat can help “balance out” all of the positive ions and boost negative ions, both into our bodies and into our homes/offices. This is a major benefit for BioMat users!

If you are interested in learning more, let’s connect at or 1-844-4BioMat (1-844-424-6628).

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