The Ultimate in Relaxation is the BioMat!

We frequently hear, “The ultimate in relaxation is the BioMat!” Yes, the BioMat is all about relaxation, peace and calm, better sleep, and overall rejuvenation.

And how does it work? There are different brain waves – gamma, beta, alpha, theta and delta. These brain waves are electrical pulsations, responsible for communication between our brain neurons and they correlate to different emotional states. The following graphic* shows the name of the brain wave, the length, activity or movement of the brain wave, and the stages of consciousness:

You may start at the top of the graph when you lay down on bio-mats and eventually, move through the five stages. This illustrates why we say the BioMat is the ultimate in relaxation! And to describe each of the stages in more detail:

  • Gamma waves are the fastest brain waves. These waves pass information quickly and they play a key role in our consciousness, as well as our ability to focus.
  • Beta brain waves happen when we are awake and alert. They are predominate when we are doing thinking tasks. They are fast waves and are engaged when we concentrate.
  • Relaxation is all about alpha brain waves … so is being in a calm state. Alpha brain waves occur when our brain is resting, in quiet thought. As you can see in the graphic, the brain waves are slowing.
  • Theta brain waves are the meditative state and there is a theta stage of sleep. This stage is also when we process great information or imagery than normal consciousness. Theta brain waves connect us to our intuition, and both long-term and short-term memories.
  • Finally, delta brain waves are the slowest. We suspend any external awareness and associate these waves with our deepest sleep stages. Delta waves regulate our autonomic bodily functions.

We hope you find this information helpful and a rationale why we feel confident saying, “The BioMat is the ultimate in relaxation!”

* Excerpted from December 2018 Richway Wavelength

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