Update about the BioMat and CoVid-19

This blog post is an update about the BioMat and CoVid-19. Back in March, we thought this virus would last a couple weeks … we were wrong!! And we had a very busy calendar planned to share and exhibit the BioMat at many different health fairs, healing groups and health care events throughout the spring and early summer. We were hopeful we would get to see our schedule come to fruition. By now, you know what happened … every day, we watched yet another event cancel or postpone. It was so disappointing!

But, the “time out” has also given us an opportunity to reflect on our business, where we want to go from here and re-set with new goals/intentions for the future. One of the first things we did is determine ways to sanitize the BioMat for your safety when we exhibit the bio-mat at a show. We will take several precautions:

  • Place a Germanium Power Pad on top of both the professional-size BioMat and Mini BioMat to protect you from others’ germs and/or bodily fluids. (The germanium in the power pad is a metalloid found in the carbon group. It is a semiconductor that is similar to the properties of silicon. This makes the pad moisture- and water-repellent. Instead of using a waterproof cover, we will use the Germanium Power Pad.) Use of this pad allows us to “wipe it down” between people trying the bio-mats.
  • We will also “wipe down” the BioMats with Young Living Thieves sanitary wipes and spritz Thieves spray to increase our sanitation efforts. (Young Living Thieves is an essential oil, non-chemical product and it kills 99.9% of germs on contact. While using Lysol and bleach irritates the lungs, Thieves is a natural, gentler approach to kill germs without irritating the lungs.)

An interesting FYI – Thieves was inspired by the legend of four 15-century French thieves who formulated and wore a special aromatic combination of cloves, cinnamon, rosemary, vinegar and other botanicals. It is believed these thieves were stealing during the bubonic plague and these oils protected them from illness while they were stealing. Perhaps this story is more relevant than ever during the pandemic of CoVid-19 … you can see why we are incorporating Thieves wipes and spray into our new safety protocol to help keep you safe and as germ-free as possible.

Our hope is these two important steps will give you a sense of comfort, safety and peace of mind. If you have thoughts or questions about our new protocol or the Richway BioMat, please reach out to us at info@BioMatInc.com.

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