Benefits of Using the BioMat

So, what are actually the benefits of using the BioMat? This blog post addresses exactly this question!

  • Laying on the Richway BioMat gives you time to really relax, let go, be restored and feel rejuvenated.
  • Spending time on the BioMat (regardless of the size) can help reduce stress, as well as possibly improve and/or maintain overall health.
  • Bio-mats can help facilitate moving the body into unwinding to relieve stress in the tissues, muscles and skeleton (bone structure).
  • Probably the first element mentioned with the BioMat is infrared heat. (It is worth noting that the Japanese have done extensive research on this healing form and have used it for many years. They are far ahead of the United States with their knowledge and use of this powerful modality.) From their work and our experience using it, infrared heat relaxes your muscles, helps increase blood circulation and reduces stiffness.
  • When muscles are more relaxed, joints can move more and proper range of motion is restored.
  • The elements in the BioMat (infrared heat, amethyst crystals and negative ions) work synergistically together and may help speed up the healing process.
  • As the BioMat helps “bring on” deep relaxation (ahhhh!), the parasympathetic nervous system is “tampered down.” This means the BioMat can help bring balance and harmony to your heart rate, intestinal and gland activity, and digestion (all part of the parasympathetic nervous system).
  • Another benefit of the BioMat is helping us move out of fight/flight/freeze mode and into healing.
  • Stress running amok in our culture can also lead to adrenal fatigue and/or burnout. The BioMat can help restore a user to a state of peace, harmony and balance.
  • Other BioMat benefits include improved mood, decreased pain and better sleep.
  • Meditating on the BioMat brings a special “version” of peace and calm.

If you don’t already have a BioMat to experience all of the wonderful benefits, connect with us and we’re happy to get you started with this healing product! Our toll-free phone number is 1-844-4BIOMAT (1-844-424-6628).

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Feeling The Love

“Honestly, the BioMat has changed my husband and my whole life! Why did we wait so long to purchase the BioMat?!”

Kris U.

Feeling The Love

“I realized today how different my life is ... well, after sleeping on a bed of amethyst for the past three years, how can life not be different and better?!!”

Rosemary B.

Feeling The Love

“I love the deep peace that the BioMat brings and it brings relief quickly. I consider it essential for my wellness and spiritual practices.”

Connie F.

Feeling The Love

“I have been thinking about the pro set (professional-size BioMat and pillow) for months and what keeps coming to me is I need this for my self-care. I’m ordering mine today!”

Gail K.

Feeling The Love

“Best purchase I ever made! I purchased the BioMat and use the mat at least 4-5 times per week. I have found doing only 30 minutes gives me great relief.”

Kathy K.