The BioMat and the Creative Process

More on the BioMat and the Creative Process

This blog post will be something fun and different today – the BioMat and the creative process. Does the BioMat improve or boost our creativity? We say a resounding YES! But how? There are several reasons – all having to do with the BioMat’s elements and how you use the BioMat. In this blog entry, […]

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The BioMat and Far Infrared Heat

Learn More about the BioMat and Infrared Heat

In the past, we have posted about the BioMat and far infrared heat. We find this topic so important to the bio-mat and its benefits, so we decided to share another post about it. The far infrared heat of the BioMat gently and deeply penetrates into the body six to eight centimeters (2 ½ to […]

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FTC Governance and the BioMat

FTC Governance and the BioMat

The last two blog posts have been about FDA approval and guidelines for the BioMat; this blog discusses the FTC governance and the BioMat. Keep in mind, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) monitors overall product quality, manufacturing and performance while the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the watchdog for all product communication (written, verbal, […]

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More Info on the BioMat and FDA Approval

The BioMat is FDA-Approved

We are continuing our discussion from the last post because we have more info on the BioMat and FDA approval. In a succinct summary, we are allowed by the FDA to say the following about the BioMat. With the 510K classification, indications of use include: Reduces inflammation Eases minor joint pain and stiffness Relieves minor […]

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