Details about the Professional-Size BioMat Discount

This blog post gives details about the professional-size BioMat discount. Did you know Richway International (the BioMat’s parent company) offers a $100 discount on the professional-size BioMat? This special discount is only available on the pro-size, not the Mini BioMat or any other sizes of bio-mats (single, queen or king).

The purchaser must have a valid healthcare license or energy healing certificate. For example, doctors (MDs), nurses, chiropractors and sports trainers, OR yoga teachers, massage therapists, and practitioners in Healing Touch and Reiki qualify for this special discount. (Hair stylists do not qualify.) In addition, Richway now offers $100 off to all veterans and first responders.

A valid license/certificate must be submitted at the same time of the order and the order specifies you are receiving the professional discount. Any order requesting the professional discount that does not have the accompanying valid license/certificate will be processed at the non-discounted rate. Keep in mind that a certificate of attendance and/or a web page referencing a license or certificate is not considered complete documentation to fulfill the certificate requirement to obtain the discount. Please feel free to contact us toll-free at 1-844-4BIOMAT (1-844-424-6628) and we can explain more about proper documentation.

This special $100 discount off the pro-size BioMat rewards:

  • Your commitment, as a professional, to holistic health and healing, and the desire to share the BioMat in your practice. (Please note: you can use the $100 discount for your personal mat but it has to be the pro size.)
  • Your service to the United States (veterans and first responders).

Also, depending on your state, there may not be sales tax on the BioMat because it is considered a medical device. And now free shipping is always available! Please connect with us at 1-844-4BIOMAT (1-844-424-6628) to learn more. We are interested in helping you secure a BioMat for the least amount of money possible!

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