Mini BioMat

The Mini BioMat offers far infrared heat and negative ions, similar to the professional-size BioMat. However, the crystal configuration of the Mini is half amethyst and half green tourmaline (different than the 25-pound all-amethyst inclusion in the pro BioMat).


Measuring 33” x 17” and weighing 8.2 pounds, the Mini BioMat is compact, portable, convenient and versatile to use:

  • In your office
  • When traveling
  • In an easy chair or on the couch
  • On the floor (for feet)
  • In bed
  • In a spa
  • In a dental chair
  • In a healthcare setting (for example: infusion chairs)
  • In your car (adapter needed and sold separately).

The Mini BioMat provides similar relief as the pro-size BioMat. However, it is obviously not as large (so doesn’t cover as much of the body) and the crystal make-up of the Mini is less potent (vs. all amethyst in the pro mat). Click here to review how the BioMat provides relief.


The Mini BioMat comes with:

  • 7000 MX controller
  • Machine washable fitted cotton cover
  • Elastic strap to hold the Mini in place
  • Hard-sided travel case
  • Limited repair policy
  • Use & Care manual
  • Free 15-minute download for education and relaxation (featuring Tami Briggs’ therapeutic harp music)
  • Free e-book (E-mail request)


$700 (Free shipping)

Note: Please carefully assess your health goals to determine if you require the whole-body therapy of the professional-size BioMat vs. the spot treatment of the Mini BioMat.

Feel the Love!

“I am quite surprised to see how the BioMat is able bring me into balance. I’m currently using the Mini BioMat, but would like to purchase the pro-size because the Mini is just too darned small to cover my entire area that needs the healing.” 

~Jennifer V.

“Our 15-year old son has been using the Mini BioMat for approximately two months now. The first time he sat on the Mini for 20 minutes, he completed his school work within 20 minutes. The day before it took him 2-3 hours to do the exact same amount of work!

Also, his rages have almost stopped. About a month after we got it, he changed his whole attitude. He told me he decided to be ‘happy now’ and everyone has noticed the difference in him. The only change we have made in our household is using the BioMat. Everyone in our family is thrilled!”

~Arlene W.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Information provided is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice or recommended treatments. It is not a substitute for the product User’s Guide. Please consult with a medical professional regarding any health concerns and before beginning this or any other health care program. Any information with regard to personal testimonials about the product do not reflect nor represent product claims.

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Feeling The Love

“I realized today how different my life is ... well, after sleeping on a bed of amethyst for the past three years, how can life not be different and better?!!”

Rosemary B.

Feeling The Love

“Best purchase I ever made! I purchased the BioMat and use the mat at least 4-5 times per week. I have found doing only 30 minutes gives me great relief.”

Kathy K.

Feeling The Love

“I love the deep peace that the BioMat brings and it brings relief quickly. I consider it essential for my wellness and spiritual practices.”

Connie F.

Feeling The Love

“I have been thinking about the pro set (professional-size BioMat and pillow) for months and what keeps coming to me is I need this for my self-care. I’m ordering mine today!”

Gail K.

Feeling The Love

“Honestly, the BioMat has changed my husband and my whole life! Why did we wait so long to purchase the BioMat?!”

Kris U.